With gun limits facing opposition in Congress, President Biden will take executive actions after mass killings in his first weeks in office. LA Times
VOA VIEW: He can't override the Constitution and Supreme Court.
The Cuomo administration began tracking COVID-19 related out-of-facility nursing home residents deaths as early as last April — yet still withheld the data from a state Health Department report released nearly three months later, according to a document obtained by The Post. The state DOH memo sent out to the administrators of nursing homes and... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Cuomo is guilty of being a tyrant.
It’s way past a day late — and every dollar short will be made up by tax hikes. Lawmakers were gearing up Wednesday to finally adopt New York’s overdue budget for 2021-2022, which aims to spend a record $212 billion with the help of a federal bailout and new taxes on high earners and big... New York Post
VOA VIEW: NYC is losing its grandeur.


Our Wednesday front page, “Bell tolls for NYC,” marks not necessarily the doom of the city, but a warning: The town we all love faces an inflection point, a chance to rebound to new highs post-pandemic, or sink into something even worse than its horrific 1970s descent. If Gotham’s schools and restaurants remain shut, and... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Change would be much better.
A terrible sign: The US Customs and Border Patrol just took down its press release announcing the apprehension of two suspected terrorists in Southern California after just a day. The agency described them as Yemeni nationals named on the FBI terrorism watchlist and “No Fly” list. CBP agents found both suspects in the El Centro sector... New York Post
VOA VIEW: The Biden coverup is clear.
Texas officials are investigating allegations of child sex abuse and neglect at San Antonio’s Freeman Expo Center, where thousands of migrant children who crossed the border are being held. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott made the alarming announcement at the center Wednesday night, according to News 4 SA. The Republican said there are four complaints being... New York Post
VOA VIEW: The liberal Biden Administration is guilty of child abuse and much more ill.
As soon as Major League Baseball, in protest of Georgia’s controversial restrictive voting law, pulled its All-Star Game out of Atlanta, there were some knee-jerk reactions from people to boycott this week’s Masters and even for the annual event to be taken out of Georgia, along with calls for the PGA Tour... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Fools!
CBS’s “60 Minutes” just got caught falsely accusing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis of a pay-to-play scheme, which raises the question of why major media aren’t flagging the ginormous pay-to-play aspect of President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan, which dumps vast sums on the unions that helped elect him. It’s an old scheme that runs... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Biden has been caught too many times - stupidity.
President Joe Biden is set to unveil six executive actions aimed at curbing gun violence on Thursday, and will nominate David Chipman as ATF director.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Constitution!


A Florida court has ruled that Marsy's Law, intended to protect victims, also applies to law enforcement..       USA Today
The USS Johnston, led by Captain Ernest Evans, sunk in 1944 while protecting an American landing force in the Philippines, according to Naval records.       USA Today
A group of 10 Republican senators pushed back Wednesday evening against President Biden’s comments that they refused to move an “inch” off their initial coronavirus relief offer from earlier this year. The public back-and-forth threatens to strain the already tenuous relationship between Mr. Biden and congressional Republicans - in particular ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden has been trying to take credit for something he has done little - covid -19 vaccination.
Being the target of a “60 Minutes” investigation is supposed to ruin political careers not raise them, but Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appears to have turned the tables on the venerable network news show. The Republican governor has seen his stock soar as he leads the charge against the 53-year-old ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: "60 Minutes" took a bad fall.

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The Arkansas Senate on Wednesday approved a stripped-down hate crimes bill derided by longtime supporters of such legislation who claim the measure is too vague and would provide “insufficient” medicine for a state that's one of only three nationwide without such a law. Washington Times
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will visit the southern border Thursday to get an up-close look at the surge that’s overwhelmed his department. In a statement announcing the trip, the department said he will meet with nongovernmental organizations and “stakeholders” who are working with Homeland Security to try to accommodate ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Will be report or hide the truth? Be on the later.
Former Vice President Mike Pence has launched a new advocacy group as he and other Trump administration officials look to boost their post-White House plans ABC
VOA VIEW: Republicans need to be prepared for a major midterm battle with Dems and progressives.


The Treasury Department says it has issued more than 156 million payments as part of President Joe Biden’s coronavirus relief plan ABC
VOA VIEW: There will be much fraud.
A district attorney in Atlanta said she will not pursue charges against a Georgia state lawmaker who was arrested during a protest of the state’s sweeping new election law ABC
China’s government has warned Washington not to boycott next year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing after the Biden administration said it was talking with allies about a joint approach to complaints of human rights abuses ABC
VOA VIEW: Biden is weak.
President Biden is urging lawmakers to get on board with his infrastructure plan, saying he's open to negotiating parts of the bill but will only go so far. CBS News senior White House and political correspondent Ed O'Keefe and NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith spoke to "Red and Blue" host Elaine Quijano about what comes next. CBS
VOA VIEW: Biden is making false lip service.
Multiple companies are developing vaccine passport apps as proof of immunization against the coronavirus, but whether they can be legally required is up for debate. Adriana Diaz has more. CBS
VOA VIEW: Liberal propaganda.

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New emails show Hillary Clinton and her staff were sometimes frustrated when they couldn't share classified documents over her private Internet server. CBS
VOA VIEW: Hillary is a crybaby.
Pope Francis announced a temporary change in the way the Catholic Church views women who've had abortions. As CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano explains, the move is part of his larger goal to set a more compassionate tone. CBS
VOA VIEW: If you can't win, you join.
California Congressman Raul Ruiz​, who is also an ER physician, represents a desert district outside of Los Angeles whose population is nearly half Hispanic. CBS

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The Dow Jones plunged 469 points Tuesday amid continued unease over China; The United States Tennis Association is working to make the sport more diverse CBS
A majority of police departments across the country are struggling to recruit officers. CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues looks at the reasons behind the shortfall. CBS
Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis said that it's "under God's authority" that she's not issuing same-sex marriage licenses. Davis has refused to acknowledged the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage. CBS
Adeyemo said the White House's broad interpretation of infrastructure is not only favored by progressives, but by Wall Street, too. CNBC
The variant, known as B.1.1.7, is "now the most common lineage circulating in the United States." CDC Director Dr. Rachelle Walensky said. CNBC
Brainard said that while the U.S. economic outlook has "brightened considerably," it remains well away from the central bank's goals. CNBC
Federal Reserve officials indicated at their last meeting that easy policy will stay in place until it produces stronger employment and inflation. CNBC
Carnival Cruise Line said Wednesday that it has seen a record level of bookings during the first quarter, up about 90% from fourth-quarter levels. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Don't believe all you hear or read.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is proposing a 60-day delay to two debt-collection rules set to take effect in November. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Maybe because it worked.
The retailer is following the playbook of Amazon, Walmart and others who have used membership programs to try to win more of customers' wallets. CNBC
Former House Speaker John Boehner said former President Donald Trump "incited that bloody insurrection" at the US Capitol and blamed his false election claims for the GOP losing control of Congress, according to excerpts from his forthcoming book obtained by The New York Times. CNN
VOA VIEW: Boehner is an idiot.
Retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, who led a review of security failures around the January 6 insurrection, said Tuesday that the US Capitol attack was fueled by a "information operation" led by former President Donald Trump that involved feeding Americans "a little BS" and then allowing them to act on those beliefs. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN stupidity.
The lawyer for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin and prosecutors disagreed Wednesday on whether George Floyd said "I ate too many drugs" on video footage of the deadly arrest played in court.  FOX News
U.S. Border Patrol agents in California arrested an alleged MS-13 gang member early Wednesday morning after he had illegally crossed the border into the United States, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The Wall is needed for US security.
Gov. Kay Ivey said Wednesday that Alabama is shifting to personal responsibility in the fight against COVID-19, keeping her promise to let a statewide face mask order expire Friday. FOX News
The United States and Iraq said in a joint statement Wednesday that they plan to shift the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq to a mission "focused on training and advisory tasks." UPI
VOA VIEW: Iraq will fall without US presence.
President Joe Biden on Wednesday defended his plan to raise the corporate tax to help pay for his $2 trillion infrastructure package but said he's willing to compromise with Republicans on how high. UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden lies - he will not negotiate.
The U.S. Marine Corps announced Wednesday the upcoming rollout of maternity uniforms, with some to be available this month. UPI
VOA VIEW: Madness!

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The U.S. trade deficit increased by $3.3 billion in February to $71.1 billion, a record high, according to figures released by the Commerce Department on Wednesday. UPI
VOA VIEW: Crazy!
The United States on Wednesday restored $235 million in humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced. UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden stupidity - waste,

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