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The Supreme Court dismissed a legal challenge to Section 230, which prevents websites from being held liable for damages caused by what users post. LA Times
VOA VIEW: The SC is a major disgrace.
Fifty meters below the seafront bluff of Putin's compound, there lies a hidden bunker that could protect him and fellow VIPs should turmoil ensue. New York Post
VOA VIEW: The big questions is - for how long.
Biden failed to list free vacations at the homes of elite businesspeople on his annual financial disclosure forms this week -- drawing a rebuke from ethicists and Republicans. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Biden is corrupt.


Group of 7 leaders are prepared to celebrate the results of a novel effort to stabilize global oil markets and punish Moscow. New York Times
The Biden administration has been under bipartisan pressure to explain how it intended to continue sending weapons to Ukraine quickly without asking Congress for more money. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Dems know how to cheat.
A new office complex, and relocation of a division from California, would have created more than 2,000 jobs but was scuttled as the company and Gov. Ron DeSantis continue to feud. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Disney will end up the ultimate loser.
As Republicans and right-wing news outlets try to paint the bureau as politically biased, powerful members of Congress have trained their sights on a little-known former F.B.I. agent. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Notice how the liberal media uses the words "right-wing".
Justice Neil Gorsuch issued a scathing statement on Title 42 over what he described as a concentration of power during COVID-19.       USA Today
Even before the Russian invasion, Ukraine desperately wanted Patriot missiles. The U.S. system is used by 16 other nations across the globe.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: It took Biden over a year to provide them to Ukraine.


Sam Brinton, the nonbinary U.S. energy official who was fired for stealing women's luggage at airports, was arrested in Maryland as a fugitive from justice in another case of luggage theft. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: A WH joke and nut job:
A complaint by the Federal Trade Commission accuses popular fertility tracking app Premom of illegally sharing private data. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: It took the FTC long enough.
The Supreme Court ruled Thursday the IRS did not have to give a delinquent taxpayer's wife and law firm notice that it had summoned bank records linked to the man in an attempt to uncover and collect his assets. Washington Times
Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed legislation defining the word sex in state law, becoming the second state this year to provide an answer to the increasingly polarizing question, "What is a woman?" Washington Times
VOA VIEW: There are only two genders.

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A ballot question seeking to make it more difficult to amend the Ohio Constitution was cleared for an August ballot on Thursday, and teams of Republican and Democratic lawmakers assigned to write pro and con arguments, respectively, to be presented to voters. Washington Times
A new CDC report published Thursday found the mpox vaccine was 86% effective at preventing infection when patients received both doses. ABC
The Food and Drug Administration will convene to discuss a maternal RSV vaccine option from drugmaker Pfizer. ABC


The court split 7-2 in its decision, with Justice Elena Kagan and Chief Justice John Roberts in dissent. CBS
VOA VIEW: Roberts is a foolish justice.
The court sidestepped a ruling that could have limited the scope of a federal law known as Section 230 that serves as a powerful shield for internet companies. CBS
VOA VIEW: The SC punted, again.
The Secret Service's departure rate was 48% last year due in part to the job's high demands. CBS
VOA VIEW: The US federal legal system is weak and corrupt.
The Dallas Fed president said the central bank still has work to do in achieving its goal for price stability. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Bad thinking.
A news organization executive has apologized to former Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant for the remarks she made about him and the misspending of welfare money. FOX News

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Efforts are underway to remove the first-term mayor of a southwest Louisiana town aimd allegations of fraud and election irregularities. Organizers filed the paperwork Tuesday. FOX News
The Supreme Court on Thursday declined to rule on a law that protects internet companies from lawsuits relating to content that is posted on their platforms by users. UPI
VOA VIEW: The court is a blemish.
First-time claims for unemployment insurance declined by 22,000 from the prior week, federal data released Thursday show, though figures may be skewed by fraudulent activity in Massachusetts. UPI
VOA VIEW: Dems are the main fraudulent.

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U.S. population centers are moving to the southern states, home to nine of the 15 fastest-growing cities, though New York City remains at the top, Census Bureau data show. UPI
VOA VIEW: The liberal Dems are causing the trends.
U.S. President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida reaffirmed their commitment to settling tensions in the Indo-Pacific region and achieving peace in Ukraine on the sidelines of the G7 summit. UPI
VOA VIEW: China and Russia are the biggest problems.
The Republican-controlled Texas legislature sent a controversial bill to ban gender-affirming care for minors to the desk of Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday. UPI
VOA VIEW: A positive showing.
Walgreens has agreed to pay San Francisco nearly $230 million for its role in the city's opioid crisis, making it the largest award to a local jurisdiction since the start of the opioid epidemic. UPI

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