The amendment's Section 3 bars officials who betray the government from holding office again. Trying to keep the elected president out of office by force counts by any standard. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Foolishness!
Last week, President Biden and former President Trump hustled out to Michigan, where the United Auto Workers have gone on strike. Their appearances reflected a larger battle for voters without a college education, who make up 60% of the electorate. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Trump is way ahead.
North Korea denounced the U.N. atomic watchdog for joining a U.S.-led pressure campaign and "cooking up" a resolution over its nuclear programs, calling the agency a "paid trumpeter" for Washington. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: NK should be crushed like a bug.


Donald Trump has a familiar target in his sights: Pennsylvania's voting rules.He never stopped attacking court decisions on mail-in ballots during the COVID-19 pandemic. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Trump has it right.
There's not enough funding for Ukraine in the freshly passed stopgap funding bill; Ukraine is vital to U.S. "national security" interests, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said during an interview on "Fox News Sunday." Newsmax
VOA VIEW: The US needs to keep Ukraine alive.
Former President Donald Trump will be in southeast Iowa on Sunday in the middle of a fall campaign push aimed at locking in supporters with large organizing events. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Smart move.
Nevada Democrat Rep. Steven Horsford, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, is asking California Gov. Gavin Newsom to appoint Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., to serve the remaining time left on the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein's term, Politico reported Sunday. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Another Biden black move.
It would be a "disaster for the future of the Republican Party" if the party in the House joins with Democrats to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Graham may be right.
Mike Sapraicone, a retired NYPD detective and private security honcho, has $500,000 in his campaign treasury in a bid to topple indicted serial lying Rep. George Santos in the Republican primary next year. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Santos has to go by election.


Americans trying to retire for the last two years have felt like Charlie Brown ready to kick the football. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Bidenomics is a failure.
Real Time host Bill Maher said Joe Biden should drop out of the 2024 presidential election because voters believe the 80-year-old is too old to run for office. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Maher is right, but it may be good for Republicans for Biden to stay in.
The Republican speaker opted to keep the government open the only way he could — by partnering with Democrats — in a surprise reversal that left him as politically vulnerable as ever. New York Times
VOA VIEW: It will be good if Republicans can stick together for 45 days.
In America’s overwhelmed downtowns, private security guards like Michael Bock have become the solution of last resort. New York Times

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Justice Sonia Sotomayor seems to have lost respect for her colleagues on the Supreme Court -- literally. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: So-called conservative judges must stick together.
Connecticut's most wide-ranging gun control measure since the 2013 law enacted after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting takes effect Sunday, with proponents vowing to pursue more gun legislation despite legal challenges happening across the country. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Gun legislation will fail as the Second Amendment must prevail.
Hidden behind a heavy black curtain in one of the nation's busiest airports is Chicago's unsettling response to a growing population of asylum-seekers arriving by plane. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The migrant madness must end and many should be sent back.


The Democrats' fragile majority in the U.S. Senate puts extra pressure on California Gov. Gavin Newsom to quickly pick a replacement for Sen. Dianne Feinstein following her death, a fraught decision for a two-term governor with national ambitions of his own. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: A alleged black senator nomination will lose reelection.
Before being assigned to investigate President Joe Biden's son, Leo Wise built a reputation in Baltimore as a tough and hard-charging federal prosecutor, taking on powerful, and seemingly untouchable, figures - whether a gang of corrupt cops, a police commissioner, a top local prosecutor and even a mayor. Washington Times
Americans with student loan debt will need to begin repaying their loans starting on Sunday after a hiatus of more than three years. CBS
VOA VIEW: You owe, you pay.
Congress passed a short-term funding bill to avert a government shutdown that lacked new funding for Ukraine. CBS
VOA VIEW: Let's see what happen in 45 days.
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy tells "Face the Nation" that he'll "survive" after Rep. Matt Gatez threatens to oust him as leader for the deal to avert a government shutdown. McCarthy also said he "firmly supports the border first" in negotiating a longer-term government funding deal. CBS
VOA VIEW: Time will tell.

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An 11th hour "Hail Mary" stop-gap spending bill passed the House on Saturday, averting a shutdown of the federal government due to infighting within the Republican Party. Correspondent Lee Cowan looks at how the crisis has been (perhaps only temporarily) avoided – with ramifications for Ukraine. CBS
VOA VIEW: Dems will hold out.
Bill Ackman would 'absolutely' do a deal with X with his new SPARC funding vehicle, he told The Wall Street Journal. CNBC
Apple said that the new iPhones were running hot because of a combination of bugs in iOS 17, bugs in apps, and a temporary set-up period. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Let's see what happens.

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Judge Michael Newman of the Southern District of Ohio issued a ruling denying a preliminary injunction sought by the Chamber of Commerce. CNBC
Training reimbursement agreements could force former employees to repay their employers thousands of dollars. The contractual agreements are becoming more common, one lawyer said. FOX News
VOA VIEW: You make a deal, you keep it or reimburse what you got paid.
Elon Musk is under fire after publicly backing a far-right political party in Germany, suggesting the current government should not be re-elected over its position on the current migrant crisis in Europe. UPI
VOA VIEW: The migrant crises must be stopped.
As a new Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman was sworn in on Friday, outgoing Gen. Mark Milley said in a farewell speech that America's military serves the Constitution, not a "wannabe dictator." UPI

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